How I feel: New Year’s Edition

It is the new year and that means one thing: errrryboday wants to lose weight. So to ring in the new year I thought I would share some of my favorite “How I Feel” moments that I typically experience in the first week of January.


Walking out of the bedroom the morning of January 1st, after a bangin’ NYE party. And by bangin’ I mean unlimited appetizers and dessert.



Losing 4 pounds the first week.



Waking up Monday morning and gaining 2 pounds back over the weekend.



Driving past my favorite cheesesteak joint.



Trying to imagine my protein bar tasting like a Milky Way.



When my husband asks where the brand new package of Oreo’s went.


In all honesty, I’m actually doing great with my goals. I’m trying to have a little more balance. My main goal is to feel good. I have found that I feel my best (physically, mentally and spiritually) when I am eating things that I know make me feel healthy, so I try to do that for the majority of my day. The other thing(s) that makes me happy are bacon and oreos. Oh, and too much salad dressing. So I do those things too.

Did you have a goal to be healthier this year? How is to going so far?



5 thoughts on “How I feel: New Year’s Edition

  1. 2014 was “Hey dude, you’re old and you need doctors” which I began seeing. 2015 is “Buy a Pill Box with the Days and Nights labelled on each opening” year. So, all the diets; no salt, no HFCS, watch sugars, because Health. Week 1: I got this.

    I’m actually worried about February.

    #TMI #YouAsked 😉


  2. I’m trying to do it gradually because when I go all in, all restrictions, it blows up in my face. Yesterday was my baby’s birthday so, there is cake in the fridge and I will have a slice tonight….


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