Cranberry Orange Smoothie

Happy healthy day everyone!! I have a confession. I am in another relationship. Anthony knows about it and is supportive…wait ok. This is weird. It’s my blender… My Blendtec. We’ve been together almost four years now and he has never let me down. I give him fresh, basic ingredients and he gives me a creamy, cold cup of delicious bliss. After just a few sips of said bliss I feel like I can climb a freakin’ mountain, or at least throw a football over them. (Napoleon Dynamite anyone?)

Today I found some extra cranberries in the freezer from the holidays. Since I don’t see myself making cranberry sauce any time soon (like until, um, Thanksgiving) I thought maybe they could add a punch to our smoothie this afternoon. And I thought right.

Let me introduce you to our lineup:

SPINACH DSC_0112_edited-1 Any greens will do. Kale, Swiss Chard, Romaine etc. Just try to make sure it is organic. I am by no means an organic nazi, however, I try to make sure my smoothies have organic greens. You will be ingesting a large amount of them, AND our bodies sucks up these nutrients easier than they would greens from a salad.

CRANBERRIES DSC_0108_edited-1 Those right there, that bag in the freezer, behind the sticky ice cream container and stacks of frozen ground beef and chicken.

APPLE DSC_0121 copy Honeycrisp>> Oh baby I love your way, everyday. Wanna tell you I love your way, everyday. Wanna be with you night and day.

BANANA DSC_0124 copyBecause I ain’t no Hollaback girl.

ORANGES DSC_0116 This is a regular navel orange and a Cara cara orange. A Cara cara orange looks like a small grapefruit, but it tastes like a regular orange. I would say it’s not as bright tasting as an orange but has a deep ruby flavor. Ruby? Yeah totally. There isn’t much of a taste difference in the smoothie, so feel free to use just a regular orange.


Measuring for smoothies is just wrong. IMHO. You gotta do what you feel. If you want healthier, use less fruit and more greens. If you want if sweeter use more fruit. I will just explain what I do for me and the kids, so parents listen up!

This base recipe makes around 32 oz. I make this for me, and take about 24 oz. Then add more fruit to what is left in the blender, re-blend and give it to the kids. 1. Stuff/pack/smoosh greens into the blender up to the 3 cup line.

2. Add the fruit on top of the greens.

For my smoothie I used:

  • 1/2 Navel 1/2 Cara Cara orange
  • 1/2 cup cranberries
  • half a banana
  • 1/4 apple (This apple was bigger than a softball)

3. Ice

4. Pour water until the water line comes just below the top of the spinach.

5. Blend.

6. This is where I pour my cup, and then add more fruit for the kids. You could also add yogurt,  juice or honey. My kids love it with just a touch more fruit. DSC_0104 Why do I add more fruit for the kids? This particular smoothie is slightly tart from the um, oh I don’t know, the cranberries? So the kids enjoy it more with a little more sweetness. Liam, my 4 year old asked if we could have this smoothie every day, my 3 year old was lukewarm about it but drank it anyway, and my 1 year old guzzled it out of his sippy cup like a gansta y’all.

My kids drank this smoothie for lunch alongside Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets and french fries. Sup. I keep it real.

IF you do not own a Blendtec or Vitamix, you can either buy one, or do the following: blend the water and greens up first. Then add the fruit chopped into smaller pieces. DSC_0130

Happy health drinking! Do you have any favorite smoothie combos?



11 thoughts on “Cranberry Orange Smoothie

  1. Oohhhh girl, I understand this relationship fully! My parents just outdid themselves and surprised us with a Vitamix for Christmas! What what!! It has absolutely felt giddy, like a new blooming love. I can’t imagine life without one now!

    And I’m loving the oranges photo…good header photo for a food blog. We’ve been making smoothies daily since Jesus’ birthday, I am still figuring out my faves. But all I can say is Almond Coconut milk. Well, Coconut. If it has coconut, I’m pretty much downing it.

    Oh and Simply Orange with Mango juice. Each time I take a swig, it’s like I’ve never had it before, and I’m filled with peace and happiness.

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  2. Hey girl! Great recipe. I haven’t made any smoothies with citrus, or cranberries. And I would not think apple would blend well. I have a regular blender but it works well. I have some frozen strawberries and raspberries waiting to be blended now…I’ve just been on the lazy train. I usually do spinach, some type of berry, and banana.
    And just because I want you to know I got yo back: You misspelled “banana” above your picture of the bananas. 🙂


      1. Okay I totally thought the spelling of ‘Banana’ was on purpose…I thought you were referencing a Psych episode 😉 Does this mean your spelling of “Because” below the picture of the sliced bananas was unintentional?


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