Wiggle With Me, Tina Turner Style

I have been putting this off for a bit, not because I’m apathetic toward this award, but rather I have other priorities. Let me just lay it out for you: If I have to choose between blogging or teaching my kids the lyrics to Gangsta’s Paradise, well, I’m sure you can guess where my loyalties lie.

Let’s get down to the Nitty Gritty (Nacho Libre style). Roni, over at Losing Screws Nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  First of all, the fact that she thought I was dope enough to receive an award makes me do a little beatboxing in my chair (mmmsk mmmsk mmmsk). Second I don’t think you will be let down by her not so unfamiliar friend Murph. Go check her out.

Here is the award I will shamelessly post in my sidebar: versatile

So the rules are as follows.

  • Show off that award on your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Tell the world 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 blogs
  • Link to the blogs and let them know you shared the love

So here we go.

I want to present you Seven facts about myself, however, since this is an award directed toward versatility, I thought I might display seven other ways that I am versatile outside of the blogging world.

  1. I can keep my whites white and my colors bright dog. #laundrypro
  2. Bumpin’ TLC’s No Scrubs in the mini van while dropping the kids off at school.
  3. Mindlessly watching the bachelor and at the same time completing my 4th crossword puzzle.
  4. I can dice onions and totally hit that Tina Turner wiggle.tina-turner-dance-o
  5. While chewing gum I can still totally think about all the chocolate I want to be eating.
  6. Tell my husband how much I love him while I get my feet rubbed from him.
  7. When I drink diet coke, I do it like a lady, however, at the same time I can imagine my self like so…200w-12

So here are my Nominees:

  1.  The Cinema Bliss
  2. Benna Kim
  3. Just a Mom Giving it a “Tri”
  4. In Love With a Twilight Star
  5. misterwelch
  6. Emerging Adult Eats
  7. Glittery Moss
  8. My black, fleece lined leggings. So versatile folks.
  9. Farewell My Manicure!
  10. Strength Is Beauty
  11. Kristel’s Food Finds
  12. My copper eyeshadow. It flows seamlessly from day to night.
  13. eat.laugh.craft
  14. Sweet Charlie
  15. Ignite Fitness

Dear Nominees, Please feel no pressure whatsoever to accept the award (I know it’s not for everybody) However, do know, that I’m reading and enjoying, and want to share your talent with others so they can do the same.

Happy reading!



8 thoughts on “Wiggle With Me, Tina Turner Style

  1. Awww Jessica, thanks so much for the nomination. Its my first one and I shall do you proud. Must do a bit of work today first to earn my keep then will get straight on to it. Mwah!


  2. I enjoyed this post a lot. Especially your funny comments on the animated .gifs. They played well off each other. Thanks also for the nod/nom – I’m happy to know you’re enjoying my posts enough to tell others. I’m part of the everybody this sort of thing isn’t for, though. I’ll find a way to link back, though. Soon.


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