Oh hey.

If your new here, you can usually find me in this morning’s workout clothes, trying to figure out the last time I vacuumed (was it 6 or 4 hours ago?) Thanks for stopping by.

Here is my main squeeze. Our glasses clink when we kiss. I love him ferociously and I’m not afraid to share it. He re-lives his youth through Dave Matthews Band: I re-live my youth through Mariah Carey, yet we somehow manage to make it work.

IMG_5989Here are our children. They are not as sweet as they look, and I prefer it that way. They are loud. They make messes and mistakes, but they learn, and so do I. We help each other out, and we are always looking for the next adventure!

IMG_2955I know you are dying to know a little about me, so here are a few of the most important facts: I only get excited to wash the dishes when it’s cold and I need to warm up. I grew up in Idaho and now live in Utah. I’m happiest when I’m making memories with my kids, equally also happiest when I’m alone to do whatever I want. It’s a toss up. Am I allowed to admit that?

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